More NFL attrition for Michigan football coaching staff

Two more Michigan football assistants are headed to the NFL as Sherrone Moore is still working on building his first coaching staff.
Ohio State v Michigan
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There are lots of questions surrounding the Michigan football coaching staff and what it will end up looking like when Sherrone Moore's staff is finally put together.

Nearly two weeks after his hire, Michigan football still isn't that close to having a complete staff announced. The Wolverines are hoping to retain Steve Clinkscale, the co-defensive coordinator and secondary coach from the past three seasons, along with D-line coach Mike Elston.

However, the fact that neither has been announced as returning certainly leads one to believe there is a chance they depart. That seems even more likely after it was announced that Jay Harbaugh would be taking a job with the Seahawks, instead of the Chargers. That leaves an opening in the secondary and there has already been chatter of Clink leaving for LA.

If Clink and Elston leave, it could mean some transfer portal departures, something Michigan football has been able to avoid up to this point.

We also haven't heard anything on Mike Hart. Additionally, the Wolverines need a linebackers coach, and one candidate, Dylan Roney, who worked as a GA the past few seasons, will be joining Jim Harbaugh in Los Angeles according to Sam Webb of the Michigan Insider. Webb also reports that analyst Doug Mallory will be leaving to coach the secondary in Baltimore.

Joe Cullen is the name Webb reported is getting considered as the defensive coordiantor, but it doesn't seem like there will be any clarity there until after the Super Bowl. Cullen coaches D-line for the Chiefs.

I've always thought Clink deserved a look at defensive coordinator, but it seems like Moore is determined to hire a guy from the NFL ranks as Jim Harbaugh did with Jesse Minter and Mike Macdonald.


The only thing we know for sure right now, is that plenty is still up in the air.