What Are Fair Expectations for Donovan Edwards in 2024?

Is This The Don’s Breakout Year? How High is His Ceiling?
Michigan Football Spring Game
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Wolverines fans have been spoiled at the running back position for the past several years. Blake Corum cemented himself as a Michigan football legend after winning a National Championship in 2023. His career numbers tell only part of the story.

With over 3,700 yards, 58 touchdowns, and a 5.5 yards per carry average, Corum proved he was one of the best to carry the ball for the Wolverines. But his leadership and commitment set him apart from past Wolverine greats. When he chose to return for his senior year after a significant injury, it proved that he was a true Michigan Man who was more committed to the team goal of winning as opposed to personal success.

That commitment clearly rubbed off on Donovan Edwards. Although he had very lofty words to say about himself in the past, Edwards had plenty of chances to show frustration or quit on the team last year. Despite struggling early on in the season and being behind a great back like Corum, he remained positive and focused on helping the team win.

This was never more evident than in the National Championship game against Washington where The Don had 104 yards on only 6 carries. As a comparison, the highest output he had in terms of yardage in the regular season was 52 yards against the Nittany Lions of Penn State in November of last year.

Stepping up in big games is nothing new for Donovan Edwards. In 2022 after Corum was hurt against Illinois he posted 216 yards against Ohio State in an epic win and then 119 yards in that heartbreaking loss against TCU. He is the type of player that seems to shine the brightest when the pressure is on.

And there is no doubt that in 2024 the pressure will be on for the Wolverines to show that they have not lost a step after winning it all in 2023. But what are the realistic expectations for Donovan Edwards next season?