Things are picking up for Michigan basketball in transfer portal

Michigan basketball is expected to host three transfer portal targets this weekend, plus more on the Wolverines pursuits.
Mar 24, 2024; Spokane, WA, USA; San Diego State Aztecs guard Darrion Trammell (12) shoots the ball
Mar 24, 2024; Spokane, WA, USA; San Diego State Aztecs guard Darrion Trammell (12) shoots the ball / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Davis Moseley of 247 Sports has been all over Michigan basketball recruiting since the hiring of new head coach Dusty May and he's got some new information that should get fans excited.

First off, Moseley followed through with a crystal ball for Vlad Goldin, joining Travis Branham of 247 Sports who is a national recruiting analyst. That was significant. Moseley also tweeted a photo he said would only be reserved for commitments on Monday and captioned it, "Next week."

It's hard not to figure out he's teasing a Michigan basketball transfer commitment next week. The who is the tougher question, although Goldin seems like a strong bet. That bet gets even stronger after the report by Moseley that Goldin, Danny Wolf, and Connor Essegian will all visit U-M this weekend.

The fact that Goldin and Wolf are going to be visiting the same weekend is a good sign. We have wondered if this was an either/or situation but the two could play together and that's the idea according to Moseley.

Goldin is 7-foot-1. Wolf is also 7-foot and had a stellar season for Yale. He's also got more permieter skills in terms of shooting and ball-handling, so he could play alongside Goldin.

Essegian is the Wisconsin transfer who had a tough season in 2023-24. But he averaged 11 points per game as a freshman. He's also a better shooter than he showed last season. Essegian could visit Indiana too, but he's one of many 3-point shooters at guard or wing being recruited by Michigan basketball.


I guess we'll find out next week who Moseley was talking about. My hope is that it's all three. I'm also holding out hope for Terrance Williams II to return, which he said is "a possibility." He shot 39 percent from 3-point range last season and averaged 12 points per game. Michigan basketball could do a lot worse than a 6-foot-7 forward with versatility and a reliable 3-point shot.