Sherrone Moore smart to bolster Michigan football recruiting operation

Seven new recruiting staffers announced they have been hired by Michigan football.
Michigan Football Spring Game
Michigan Football Spring Game / Jaime Crawford/GettyImages

Sherrone Moore has lived up to his word when he said Michigan football was going to be more aggressive on the recruiting trail and this weekend, we saw another reflection of that as a number of new recruiting staffers announced their hire by the Wolverines.

Moore has made a bunch of changes to the recruiting staff since he was hired as the Wolverines' head coach. But this weekend, Michigan football hired seven new recruiting analysts according to EJ Holland of The Wolverine, who wrote this on the new hires, which were announced by most of the new staffers on X.

All of these guys have some sort of football background and you can get more details by reading what Holland wrote. Some of them have been interns with other programs, but it's a smart thing to do.

One of the first moves that Sherrone Moore made was hiring Sean Magee to be the Wolverines' general manager. He's expected to help with NIL and the roster. These recruiting analysts will also help. Not only can they evaluate prospects, they just can help Michigan get more things done.

There's a reason SEC schools spend a ridiculous amount of money on their recruiting budgets because it matters. Michigan football will need to get more aggressive with NIL. Revenue sharing should help but it's hard to predict the future.


Yet, having a bigger recruiting operation is a sign of the times. Michigan football has needed to make some of these moves for years and while there might not be one, on its own, that will drastically change the fortunes of the Wolverines, as a collective all these additions will have a real impact.