Sherrone Moore on 2024 Michigan football: 'We all know what our end goals are '

Michigan football head coach Sherrone Moore talked about the goals for the Wolverines in 2024
Michigan Football Spring Game
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When Jim Harbaugh left Michigan football for the NFL, it took U-M AD Warde Manuel about two seconds to realize who he wanted to be the next head coach.

That's a bit of an exaggeration. Sherrone Moore did win over Manuel in his interview, but Jim Harbaugh had already recommended Moore to be the head coach in waiting and it was clear who the head coach was going to be.

Michigan football still made the right decision. As Alex Orji said in the first episode of "Michigan Made."

“If it would’ve been anybody else, it wouldn’t have felt right," Orji said. "That’s our guy, that’s a Michigan man. That’s a guy that went from tight ends to O-line to O.C. to head coach. He earned everything that he’s done. He’s family.”

Sherrone Moore is proving up to the job

So far, Moore has been impressive as Michigan football head coach. He won four games as an interim head coach, including top-10 wins over Ohio State and Penn State to keep the championship dreams alive.

Moore put together an impressive staff and after a slow start in the 2025 class, due in part to all the changes, Michigan football has taken off on the recruiting trail. Michigan has five players committed in the top 160 overall and three in the top 100.

Michigan signed 17 blue-chip recruits in the 2024 class out of 26. So far, in 2025, Michigan has 13 blue-chip commitments out of 15. That's an impressive ratio and Moore's assistants such as Lamar Morgan, Lou Esposito, and Steve Casula are killing it on the trail. Kirk Campbell too.

If Michigan can recruit like that, it will be an annual national title contender. Looking ahead to the 2024 season, the Michigan football head coach had a simple message: that the goal hasn't changed.


“I just want to get better every week," Moore said. "We all know what our end goals are and where we want to be every year.”