Sean Magee as Michigan football GM is a shrewd hire by Sherrone Moore

Michigan football fans need to settle down. Sherrone Moore has it under control as he showed with a great hire on Saturday.
Jan 27, 2024; Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA; Michigan Wolverines head football coach Sherrone Moore
Jan 27, 2024; Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA; Michigan Wolverines head football coach Sherrone Moore / Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

There's a large group of Michigan football fans that simply need to take a breath. Yes, the Wolverines have suffered some staff turnover, which is expected during a coaching change.

But you have to have some faith in Michigan football head coach Sherrone Moore and on Saturday, following the announced departure of Steve Clinkscale, Moore offered a reminder of why you should have faith with a shrewd move in hiring Sean Magee to be his general manager.

Magee worked under Jim Harbaugh when he first arrived in Ann Arbor. He was an important piece of the coaching staff before he left for the Chicago Bears where he served as their chief of staff.

Magee is going to have a huge role in ramping up the Michigan football NIL operation. He's also going to have an important role in recruiting. He's got a keen eye for talent and according to Chris Balas of The Wolverine, he was essential in bringing Ben Herbert to Michigan, even when Harbaugh was hesitant.

Magee was also set to take a job at Oklahoma, according to Balas before Moore swooped in and hired him to be the Michigan football general manager.

We have heard of college football coaches talking about being a "general manager" so it was smart for Moore to expand Michigan's recruiting operation and hire someone like Magee for what's going to be a critical off-field role in the coming years and frankly, the coming months.

Be patient, Michigan football fans

Magee will be focused on NIL and player retention, among other duties. Michigan football also needs to fill out its defensive staff and see if it can lock up Mike Hart. Magee can help with all of that and it's a sign that Moore is capable of making really good moves, fans just need to give him time to work.

Losing Clink and Elston hurts, just like it hurts to lose Jim Harbaugh, Ben Herbert, Jay Harbaugh, and Jesse Minter. But that's what happens during a coaching turnover. Don't be mad at Jim Harbaugh for trying to win or for Elston/Clink for taking an easier gig after they were passed up for the DC job.

None of that should surprise anyone. But now, Moore has a chance to hire a secondary coach, a defensive line coach, and a linebackers coach. He'll also have a co-DC title to offer and I'm willing to wait and see how it plays out before freaking out too much.


If Michigan loses players, then yes, freak a little, but we aren't there yet and the hires Moore makes will play a factor in whether those guys return. But I trust Sherrone and evidenced by the hire of Sean Magee, you should too.