Michigan Wolverines news: Reports of a 'significant NIL donor', plus more

Michigan football is starting to make progress on the NIL front, plus more in our Michigan Wolverines news roundup.

Sherrone Moore, head coach of the University of Michigan, stands next to Warde Manuel, Michigan   s
Sherrone Moore, head coach of the University of Michigan, stands next to Warde Manuel, Michigan s / David Rodriguez Munoz / USA TODAY

It might be a coincidence that it happened with Sherrone Moore as the Michigan football head coach, but the Michigan Wolverines are finally getting more aggressive on the NIL front.

The Wolverines announced an NIL partnership on Wednesday that's designed to create better NIL opportunities for Michigan football players and all Michigan athletes.

It's not going to be a pay-for-play piece but it should help with player retention in all sports and a definite step forward because it also includes an executive general manager for NIL, something that the Michigan Wolverines haven't had.

Beyond all that, it was reported by Josh Henschke of Rivals that Michigan has secured a 'significant donor' who should aid the NIL efforts immensely. With other teams trying to poach some of Michigan football's elite returning players, this is huge.

With some of the new assistant coach hires by Sherrone Moore, plus the latest developments in NIL you have to feel better as a Michigan Wolverines fan, about their ability to retain players this spring. And if Michigan can keep Will Johnson, Kenneth Grant, Mason Graham, Rod Moore, Makari Paige, Donovan Edwards, Colston Loveland, and even more guys frankly, the Wolverines will be just fine.

The cupboard isn't bare, even as 18 Michigan football players were invited to the 2024 NFL draft combine.

Michigan football ranked fifth in ESPN SP+ spring update

On that same topic, the Michigan Wolverines were one of the teams that Bill Connelly of ESPN is buying heading into the 2024 season. That's because, despite all of the player departures to the NFL, Michigan football still checks in at No. 5 in the ESPN SP+ rankings.

It might be hard for some rival fans to understand why. But Michigan's offense is going to be just fine. The offensive line will be among the best in the country. The running back pairning is just as good as Ohio State's and the Wolverines just need to find a quarterback.

Beyond that, the defense, as long as everyone returns, could be the best in college football. There are at least three first-round picks on the Michigan football defense and that's not even counting Rod Moore, Derrick Moore, Josaiah Stewart, Makari Paige, Keon Sabb, Ernest Hausmann, Rayshaun Benny, Jaishawn Barham, and a bunch of talented up-and-comers on all three levels.

The defensive scheme will be the same and there shouldn't be much drop-off. Michigan football just needs to survive the transfer windows. If that happens and the Wolverines find a QB internally -- or from the portal -- watch out.


This team could be much better than expected in year one under Sherrone Moore.