Michigan Wolverines news: Jim Harbaugh to meet with Michigan football players, plus more

The former Michigan football head coach will meet with the team today, plus more in our Michigan Wolverines news roundup.
Jim Harbaugh is leaving Michigan to become head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers.
Jim Harbaugh is leaving Michigan to become head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers. / Melanie Maxwell / USA TODAY NETWORK

Jim Harbaugh is officially the Los Angeles Chargers head coach. It was a sad day for Michigan football, just because it's the end of an era -- quite possibly the greatest era in Michigan Wolverines history.

Michigan football won three straight Big Ten championships, outright, something the program had never achieved before. The Wolverines also beat Ohio State three straight times and a won a national championship. It was golden era and Jim Harbaugh will be back in Ann Arbor to meet with his Michigan football players on Friday on last time.

Harbaugh said that it wasn't goodbye. He still has an interest in Michigan football doing well going forward and in an interview with the Detroit News, he also advocated for Sherrone Moore to take over as the next Michigan Wolverines head coach.

That's expected to happen, soon. Warde Manuel met with the players on Thursday and while he didn't mention Moore specifically, according to reports, everyone seems to know where this is headed. We laid out our to-do list for Michigan football and getting Moore announced is priority No. 1.

Sherrone Moore has plans for Michigan football recruiting

In another sign that we already know where this will end up, Josh Henschke of Rivals is reporting that Sherrone Moore has plans to add to the Michigan football recruiting department. He also plans to be more aggressive in terms of fundraising for NIL.

The Michigan Wolverines have needed to expand the size and scope of their recruiting department for years. It's good to see that Sherrone Moore understands what needs to happen next. The most important thing is retaining the current roster, which is going to take some NIL money.


But as long as Michigan football can prevent guys from getting poached, there shouldn't be a huge drop off going into next season, especially if the Wolverines can find a quarterback. And who knows, maybe that quarterback is already on the roster.