Jim Harbaugh explains decision to leave Michigan football: 'No Lombardi in college football'

Former Michigan football head coach Jim Harbaugh talked about his decision to leave the Wolverines for the Chargers earlier this week.
Jim Harbaugh looks on during Michigan's national championship celebration.
Jim Harbaugh looks on during Michigan's national championship celebration. / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

It's still hard for me to believe that Jim Harbaugh did what he did for the Michigan football program.

Not only that Harbaugh won the national championship. That was insane and it's something I didn't think I would ever see in my lifetime. Beyond that, the sacrifice Harbaugh made was pretty insane too.

I know some people won't look at it that way, but how many times has an NFL head coach, one as successful as Jim Harbaugh, gone back to college? If he wasn't a former Michigan football quarterback, there's no way it happens with Harbaugh.

Yes, Nick Saban went back to college, but that's because his stint in the NFL wasn't all that great. Harbaugh could have easily gotten another NFL job if he wanted. But he wanted to return Michigan football to its former glory.

He did that and then some. Harbaugh beat Ohio State three straight times, won three Big Ten titles, beat Nick Saban, won the Rose Bowl, and yes, won the natty.

That's why no Michigan football fans should be mad about his departure. You shouldn't be mad at Warde Manuel either as Jim Harbaugh said on Sunday to the CBS pregame crew ahead of the AFC Championship game, "I Love Michigan, but I love the NFL too. There is no Lombardi Trophy in college football."


Harbaugh also left Michigan football in a really strong place. Sherrone Moore was the perfect guy to replace him and as Harbaugh said after the hire, in terms of Moore, "The proof is in the pudding."