Sherrone Moore introduced as Michigan football head coach: 'I promise we will smash'

Michigan football has a new head coach and Sherrone Moore is promising that the Wolverines will stay true to their identity.
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It has been a week of change for Michigan football, but naming Sherrone Moore as the head coach is what everyone wanted and on Saturday, his introductory press conference felt like a celebration.

The feeling had to do with Michigan football making a consensus decision. There wasn't a Michigan football player, coach, fan, or analyst that didn't want Sherrone Moore. Outside of a few, most agreed this was a slam-dunk hire.

Moore didn't take the traditional path to becoming the Wolverines head coach. But he's ideal to succeed Jim Harbaugh and said simply, in reference to the team's identity of running the ball: "I promise you, we will smash."

Sherrone gave a shoutout to Jim Harbaugh and said, "I love you, I got yo back." Moore also talked about how he was going to coach the team hard and love them even harder. He also addressed NIL and said the Wolverines were going to be more aggressive on the recruiting trail.

All in all, it was a great day and even though Michigan football lost the greatest head coach its ever had, there is still plenty of optimism about the future, especially as Moore said he was going to be "extremely aggressive" in retaining players on the roster, which is key.

Just about everyone has said this was the right choice and that was echoed by Joel Klatt of Fox Sports. Moore will have work to do. It was announced that Jesse Minter won't return to pursue NFL opportunities.

There also hasn't been a confirmation that strength coach Ben Herbert will be back. He was at the press conference but didn't comment when asked if he was staying.

"This is about Sherrone," he said.

I laid out why I thought Sherrone Moore was the perfect hire for Michigan football. Now, it's time for him to get to work -- building a staff and retaining players.


But just like with Jim Harbaugh, Moore will attack it with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.