Everyone thinks the J.J. McCarthy pick is an absolute homerun on social media

J.J. McCarthy is a Minnesota Viking!
Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy celebrates after the 34-13 win over Washington to win the National Championship.
Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy celebrates after the 34-13 win over Washington to win the National Championship. / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

Former Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy is now a Minnesota Viking. The was a lot of speculation of where McCarthy would end up. Some thought the Vikings would trade up to grab McCarthy, others thought the Giants would take him at six, and a few thought he could drop the 12 and be taken by the Broncos.

It was the Vikings that landed the National Champion quarterback who led his team to a 15-0 season in 2023. Technically Minnesota did trade up to get McCarthy, but they only traded up one pick in front of the Jets to grab him with the 10th pick.

McCarthy was the fifth quarterback to be taken in the first round. The first three taken were expected with Caleb Wiliams going first to the Bear, Jayden Daniels to the Commanders, and Drake Maye to the Patriots. However, everyone thought McCarthy would have been the next QB off the board, but the Falcons surprised everyone by taking the quarterback McCarthy faced in the National Championship Michael Penix Jr. with the eight pick.

However, it seems like this is the best landing spot for McCarthy for many reasons and everyone, both fans and analysts alike, believes so too. Here are some of the best reactions and takes about McCarthy being drafted by the Minnesota Vikings.

Minnesota and hockey go together like peanut butter and jelly. It has come out that McCarthy is a huge hockey fan, but he is a fan of the Chicago Blackhawks, so Minnesota Wild fans will probably try to fix that problem. However, this now seems like even more of a perfect fit for McCarthy. Oh and he got a call from Wayne Gretzky, what a night for the kid.

Imagine getting the quarterback you wanted all along and not having to give up your entire future for him. Oh, wait, the Vikings did just that! Minnesota was able to keep both of their first-round picks and still got McCarthy, the guy they think is going to do it all for them without having to trade away any future first-round picks or players. Seems like a good deal to me.

Looks like McCarthy already has the Skol clap down. There is obviously excitement in simply getting drafted especially in the first round, but there is clear excitement and joy in him going to the Vikings.

Could we see rookie quarterbacks in Offensive Rookie of the Year in back-to-back seasons? It is possible, but he will have a lot of competition with the number of quarterbacks taken in the first round. However, this seems like the best fit out of all of them.

Definitely a hot take, but thoughts? Williams has quite the setup around him in Chicago, but can their defense hold up the offense? McCarthy might feel more secure with the better defense and ultimately have the better season.

This was the year of quarterbacks and there is no question about it. The Vikings have a guy for the future barring anything crazy happening.

Two rookies and two veterans in the division with each team making lots of noise in free agency. Could the NFC North be the best division in the NFL next season?

McCarthy might have just been drafted into the best-set system out of all the rookie quarterbacks taken in the first round. The weapons he has at his disposal with Justin Jefferson, Jordan Addison, T.J. Hockenson, and Aaron Jones give him a great opportunity to be as successful as possible.

Bill Belichick doesn't give out a lot of praise, especially to rookie quarterbacks, so this is big.

Congratulations Vikings fans, you had one heck of a night in round one without giving up anything for the future and keeping your second first-round pick. The Vikings might have just gained a few Michigan fans with the McCarthy pick.

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