Dusty May won the press conference; he'll win for Michigan basketball too

There are a few takeaways from Dusty May's first press conference as Michigan basketball head coach, but the Wolverines hit a home run and this program will be back, very soon.
U-M athletic director Warde Manuel presents a jersey to new men's basketball head coach Dusty May
U-M athletic director Warde Manuel presents a jersey to new men's basketball head coach Dusty May / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

Michigan basketball head coach Dusty May won the press conference on Tuesday, just like he's going to win a lot of games for the Wolverines.

That's the feeling I came away with. Frankly, as I posted on social media, I'm ready to run through a wall for the new head coach of Michigan basketball. With his talk of John Beilein, scoring a lot points, shooting 3s, and winning, he got me -- hook, line, and sinker.

But it's clear why Beilein was all about this hire and why Warde Manuel quickly identified May as his top target. The fact that Michigan basketball beat out Louisville, a school that prioritizes basketball, shows what a good hire this was and thankfully, Jake Diebler did what he did at Ohio State, because May might be coaching there.

Michigan basketball got the right head coach

Instead, May will be coaching Michigan and that's a huge boon for the Wolverines. It's a major win for Warde Manuel and as long as Michigan lives up to its end of the bargain, in terms of NIL support and help with admissions for transfers, the sky is the limit.

Michigan basketball was terrible last season. The Wolverines set a record for losses. But you know what? May took over one of the worst programs in basketball programs and built it into a winner, immediately.

Florida Atlantic had seven straight losing seasons before May took over. Do you know how many he had in six seasons? Zero.

FAU won 17 games just three times in 25 seasons before May arrived. Dusty did it in each of his five full seasons seasons and without COVID-19, FAU probably gets at least 17 wins in all six -- the Owls went 13-10 in 2020-21.

The fact that May took a program without a single NCAA tournament appearance to the Final Four and 60 wins in two seasons is nothing short of incredible. Yet, it will take an incredible effort to get Michigan basketball back to where Beilein had the Wolverines.

It's going to take elite recruiting, development, and scouting, as well as coaching. Beilein had all those tools in his bag and while we'll have to wait for the results, it feels like May does too.


That's why I'm so confident that he's going to win at Michigan just like he won Tuesday's press conference.