Could Michigan Football's defense be better then last year's championship version?

The 2023 defense was an all-timer, but the 2024 defense has a chance to be even better, if that's even possible to imagine.
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The emphasis has been put on the backfield of the defense immensely. Michigan football now has everything it needs except for Rod Moore. LaMar Morgan is proving that he is ready for the big leagues. NIL has been rumored to be factored into this as well.

On paper this looks like the teeth of the defense even with the loss of Mikey Sainristil. They have about four or five corners and four safeties who they can roll with. The defensive line is practically returning all four starters and could give them a run for their money about which group is better, but they don't have the known depth yet.

Martindale will use a lot of five defensive back sets, as we've seen in the past with previous coordinators, so there will be a lot of rotation with the newbies, that is as long as they don't transfer out between now and fall. Opening it up for Mason Graham and company to wreak havoc on the line of scrimmage.


When you factor in the schedule the answers will come quickly. Going a full year without a loss is about as rare as winning the Boston marathon. Fans can lean on the fact that it shouldn't be the defense that regresses in 2024 or why Michigan football could lose a matchup for the first time since new year's eve 2022.