3 recruits who could commit soon to Michigan football

In this article, I look at some top prospects who are visiting Michigan football and could be on commitment watch, looking at where the Wolverines stand in each recruitment.
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4-Star CB Dawayne Galloway

This is the most interesting one on this list. As of now, it seems like Galloway has shown signs of wanting to commit to the Wolverines. He is set to visit the weekend of the 18th and a flurry of predictions came in for Michigan recently.

However, it's important to remember that Lamar Morgan has still been evaluating Galloway and other defensive backs. It's unclear if he is maintaining Galloway as the priority he was under Steve Clinkscale.

In my opinion, Galloway would be an excellent land for the Wolverines, especially considering they'd be taking him from Ohio. We want guys who have that Ohio State chip on their shoulder, and Galloway would definitely have that.

Michigan football needs to land a great defensive back class in 2025. The wide receivers in the Big Ten are only getting better with the additions of Washington, Oregon, and USC, and Michigan's defensive back depth will be running thin after this season. Watch for Galloway news over the coming weeks.


Michigan would love to secure a handful of commitments ASAP, and these are some popular candidates to be those commitments. Let's hope the Wolverines can close out April strong and carry momentum into May. Go Blue!