3 players who will help shape the 2024 season of Michigan Football

Although it will always be a team effort to repeat the success of 2023, Michigan football has three prominent players who will help define how the oncoming season will pan out.
Michigan Football Spring Game
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3. Alex Orji

Everything revolves around the quarterback at the university of Michigan, especially when you're replacing arguably the greatest to ever play the position. Orji has some pressure on his plate. He has to prove that he can throw the ball accurately.

The best way to get him in a rhythm is to keep it short and simple. End arounds, screen passes, quick slant patterns and plenty of quarterback keepers, which is what he is known for. Using Donovan Edwards out of the backfield as a pass catcher, while lining up Kalel Mullings or other backs as a decoy. Dinking and dunking down the field and controlling the clock is a frustrating, but winnable gameplan.

There hasn't been this much uncertainty at the position for Michigan football since Wilton Speight. Speight eased some troubles with his capable play over time though, but he didn't beat Ohio State. Can Orji really do the same and continue this run? There's no debate that the entire college football world will be locked in on week two in Ann Arbor to see the results.


How will Coach Moore utilize the backups? Can Michigan win an air-it-out affair with a pass-heavy offense if needed? Then there's the injury bug concern about running Orji too much. All of these questions could have been answered if coach Harbaugh had used Orji more than just a runner, but Michigan football has shown that it can win games on 15 pass attempts or fewer.