3 overreactions from Michigan Football's National Championship victory

These are three of the most absurd overreactions from the 12th National Championship in Michigan football history.
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The college football season is sadly over, but the celebration is just beginning in Ann Arbor. The winged helmets have finally reached the pinnacle of the sport by defeating everyone put in front of them. They stand alone in the Big Ten with 15 wins and have earned the bragging rights that will last until the day they die.

Here are three of the overreactions from the celebratory night.

1. Michael Penix was quoted saying that "Michigan didn't do anything"

This is one of the clumsiest overreactions that I've ever heard a player say. It's a flat out lie to think that way and not admit the truth that the world saw. Penix was tortured all night by the best defense in the country. He even said they beat themselves, which is incredibly stupefying.

His offense had one touchdown drive and basically no explosive plays. There was no running game, even though Dillon Johnson respectfully toughed it out. His offensive line was outmatched. They ran into a buzzsaw of a Michigan football defensive line that wanted to control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.

Michigan's offensive line had to feel slighted that they didn't receive the Joe Moore Award for the third consecutive year. Sherrone Moore's bullies pounded the Washington defense to the tune of 300 yards on the ground. They let their work do the talking and it was a mouthful.