Michigan Wolverines news: Positive recruiting trends and more

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Michigan football is trending with the On3 recruiting prediction machine after the BBQ last weekend, plus more in our Michigan Wolverines news roundup.

It’s hard to say right now how successful the Michigan football recruiting BBQ was last weekend, but there are some positive early trends that favor the Michigan Wolverines.

The most important visitor is obviously five-star quarterback Bryce Underwood. He visited the Michigan Wolverines for the BBQ on Sunday. According to Sam Webb of The Michigan Insider, he also visited on Monday, the final day before the dead period.

There’s no doubt that Kirk Campbell has put Michigan football in a good spot for the No. 1 overall quarterback in the 2025 recruiting class out of Belleville, Michigan.

In fact, Underwood is one of 11 recruits that the Michigan Wolverines have grabbed the lead for according to the On3 prediction machine. The Wolverines have a 40 percent chance to win the commitment of Underwood right now but Michigan State is at 17 percent and I don’t believe the Spartans have that good of a chance.

LSU is clearly the biggest threat. Still, the fact that Underwood has visited six times this year is a really good sign for Michigan football.

The Michigan Wolverines also made progress with David Sanders, the offensive tackle that’s ranked as the No. 1 overall recruit by 247 Sports. He’s also a teammate of Jadyn Davis and took his first visit to Michigan football this past weekend and U-M made some headway via Sam Webb.

Big Ten expansion update

It’s looking more and more like Arizona is going to leave the Pac-12 for the Big 12. If that happens, my prediction is that Oregon and Washington will join the Big Ten. They almost have to. Stanford and Cal will likely follow as well.

However, the Big Ten could have some other good options. And who knows, maybe the league will even make a push for 24 teams. Pete Thamel reported that Notre Dame likely won’t be coming as the Irish aren’t changing their view on Independence.

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