Michigan Wolverines news: 5-star QB Bryce Underwood to visit for BBQ and more

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In our latest Michigan Wolverines news roundup, five-star QB Bryce Underwood will visit Michigan football for the BBQ plus much more.

The recruiting BBQ is always an important date on the calendar for the Michigan football team and that will be no different this weekend as the Michigan Wolverines are scheduled to host around 40 recruits from the 2024 and 2025 classes on Sunday.

There will be 12 recruits from the 2024 class visiting. Most of them are committed. One that’s not is top-100 defensive back Zaquan Patterson. The Michigan Wolverines have been gaining momentum in his recruitment and this visit could be huge in the push to land his commitment.

However, the 2025 class has an even more important set of visitors. Thinking back to last summer, the Michigan football recruiting BBQ was a huge part of the recruitment of Jadyn Davis. That was the weekend that it felt like the Wolverines grabbed the lead for good.

Hopefully, that can happen with some elite 2025 prospects. Five-star quarterback Bryce Underwood is expected to make it for the BBQ according to On3.com. That would be huge for Michigan football, especially with Underwood also visiting LSU this weekend.

Elite offensive tackle, David Sanders, who is a teammate of Jadyn Davis at Providence Day, is also expected to be in attendance.

Michigan football fans are holding out hope that Aaron Scott will wind up attending the BBQ. He is supposed to commit this weekend, but I haven’t heard about him taking visits anywhere. We’ll have to wait and see what Sunday brings for the Michigan Wolverines in that recruitment.

Braelon Allen says he never considered Michigan Wolverines

Michigan football fans will remember the smoke about Braelon Allen transferring to the Wolverines? There were rumors about him being tight with Donovan Edwards.

It also looked like Blake Corum could enter the NFL draft last season, which would have given Michigan football a big void in the backfield. Allen could have filled it and created an incredible 1-2 punch with Edwards, one that would be almost as good as Corum and Edwards.

But Allen said there was no truth to the rumors. For starters, he says he doesn’t know Donovan Edwards that well. Plus, he added this via Wolverines Wire:

"“I was just confused by it because I wasn’t sure where that even sprouted up from, but I try not to pay too much mind to it,” Allen said. “It’s kind of annoying, just because we had played at Iowa. We lost and like, my whole postgame press conference was about these transfer rumors. And like, I don’t even know where you guys got this from. And we just lost like, I’m trying to get on the bus and go home. So it was weird. But obviously, I always wanted to be at Wisconsin. And I just had to make sure that when the season was over I had to make sure that it was going to be the right decision for me.”"

It’s interesting to hear from a player about rumors. We know they can get legs without really being true. In this instance, everything worked out because even if Allen had wanted to join Michigan football, the backfield would have been too crowded.

Another example of cheating that will be ignored

Fans of the Michigan Wolverines are frustrated with the NCAA, to say the least. Michigan football isn’t perfect, but it has run a clean program.

The suspension facing Jim Harbaugh is ridiculous and looks even more ridiculous when you see that Taulia Tagovailoa was offered $1.5 million by an unnamed SEC team (probably Alabama) to enter the transfer portal and leave Maryland.

Remember when the NCAA put out a memo about a month ago, saying NIL can’t be used as an enticement? Well, you certainly can’t talk to players on other rosters and most definitely can’t use NIL to entice players to leave their program to join yours.

But Lincoln Riley has been doing it since the day he walked on campus at USC and doesn’t even really hide it. Neither does Nick Saban who is rumored to have made a run now at Drake Maye and Taulia Tagovailoa.

Tagovailoa didn’t mention Alabama, but come on. The Tide were desperate for a QB and his brother was an Alabama great. Regardless, it’s the height of hypocrisy that major violations are going on and being reported in the open, and the NCAA flat-out doesn’t care.

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So once again, Michigan football and its head coach are going to be punished, while the cheaters are allowed to keep cheating without consequence. That’s the NCAA in a nutshell, which is why it shouldn’t exist anymore, at least in terms of Power-5 athletics.