Michigan Football: 5 things we learned in win against Penn State

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This was a BIG win

We have all seen it happen before with Michigan football — it’s a big win until Michigan actually wins the game. Then all of a sudden it’s not.

In 2018 and 2019, Michigan football won four home games against teams ranked in the top 20, as well as a road win over a 25th-ranked MSU team. Yet, none of those count as big wins apparently.

The same thing basically happened with Wisconsin this year and in 2016 when the Badgers were ranked in the top 10. It’s a strange phenomenon.

Yet, if Michigan football had lost, the narrative would have been, “Harbaugh lost another big one” so which is it? People have to stop moving the goalposts with this program.

Sure, I want to see Michigan and Harbaugh get over the hump against Ohio State and Michigan State. But this was a big freaking win. And it’s the kind of win that builds championship mettle.

You gain that winning experience when you start finding ways to win and the Wolverines did that at Nebraska, Wisconsin and Penn State. Those are three really good road wins and if you thought Michigan would win all three of those games at the start of the year, you’re probably fibbing.

And despite the moving goalposts, with everything that’s happened, plus all that was at stake, this is easily one of the 4-5 biggest wins of Harbaugh’s Michigan coaching career.