Michigan Football: 5 things we learned in win against Penn State

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That’s my quarterback

It’s funny because it was the Penn State game in 1999 when Lloyd Carr finally stopped messing around with Drew Henson and gave the offense full tilt to Tom Brady.

Henson would have his day and led Michigan to a win over Ohio State, as well as a co-Big Ten championship the next season.

But it was Brady’s time. He led a 10-point comeback and the next week, he beat Ohio State at home to get the Wolverines into the Orange Bowl — a game Michigan won after Brady rallied the Wolverines from 14 down twice.

This just sort of feels like deja vu.

McNamara wasn’t perfect but he was damn good. He threw three touchdown passes and two went for over 20 yards and the first was a dime. And going 19-of-29 for 217 yards against that Penn State defense was impressive.

He did have the turnover but he wasn’t fazed. Harbaugh said he told Cade he was built for this. He repeated that line in the locker room after the game and he was right, Cade is built for this.

And for the rest of this season, Michigan should handle its QBs as it did Yesterday, outside of maybe a few special situations. Cade’s a winner and as Aidan Hutchinson said, “That’s my quarterback.”