Michigan Basketball: Crystal ball predictions coming in for Tarris Reed

Top Michigan basketball target Tarris Reed is making a decision soon and is trending with crystal ball predictions to the Wolverines.

Coming up on his third season as Michigan basketball head coach, it’s pretty clear that Juwan Howard is pretty good at this whole recruiting thing.

And soon enough, it appears that he will land another top target in Tarris Reed, a 6-foot-9 big man that’s one of the hottest prospects right now in the 2022 recruiting class.

Reed announced on Friday that he will be making his commitment public on August 5th and based on everything that’s taken place recently, it was easy to see Michigan basketball as the favorite.

Experts projecting Reed to Michigan

That feeling is now backed up with a pair of crystal ball projections. Justin Thind, a Michigan State insider, put in a crystal ball pick on Friday with a confidence level of five. MSU was in on Reed and is one of the schools that got a visit along with Ohio State, Purdue, and Michigan.

U-M got the final visit and at that point, Reed became a priority for the staff after missing out on Donovan Clingan. Juwan Howard has been involved since the beginning with Reed and actually first noticed him when he was watching his son Jett Howard.

Soon after Reed visited, Juwan was in the front row to watch him play at his next live event and following a dominant couple of weeks at the Peach Jam, Reed is looking like a top-50 recruit.

He’s ranked 71st overall (247 composite) right now but in two of his games, he shot a combined 19-for-21 from the field and he’s started to show he’s actually a really skilled big guy. He can even step out and knock down 3-point shots, as well as jumpers in the mid-range.

Get Reed entered into Camp Sanderson and allow Juwan to develop him and it’s easy to see him turning into an NBA draft pick, which is probably a strong reason why Michigan has surged to the front of his recruitment, despite even Kentucky showing interest recently.

While Thind’s crystal ball was key since MSU was formerly viewed as a contender for Reed, Saturday’s crystal ball projection comes from 247 sports’ national analyst Dushawn London and it’s with a confidence level of seven on a scale of 1-10.

London has hit on 92 percent of his predictions and he likely has some good insight on Reed’s recruitment too. His crystal ball probably won’t be the last.

All signs are pointing to Michigan and if you add Reed to a class that features Dug McDaniel and is expected to add Jett Howard at some point, it’s hard to script a better start.

Michigan will be potentially getting a five-star in Jett, and then two possible top-50 recruits in Reed and McDaniel at key positions of need. Then, Juwan can shoot his shot and try to add a stretch four or a five-star.

Reed’s addition would be ideal for the class at this point and it will really solidify it going forward as long as Juwan gets his son in the fold too.