Michigan Football: Urban Meyer is not the answer for Wolverines

The Michigan football team could be looking for a new coach for next year and there should be no shortage of good candidates, but there is one they should not look at.

This football season has been a disaster for the Wolverines. After a great opening game at Minnesota, Michigan football has mostly fallen flat. An upset loss to Michigan State, followed by bad losses to Indiana and Wisconsin put the Wolverines in a 1-3 hole.

The kind of got back on track with a comeback win against Rutgers, but once again looked bad against a winless Penn State team on Saturday. They haven’t won a game at home this year and it looks like they will have a sub .500 record for the first time under Jim Harbaugh.

It looks like it is time to move on from Harbaugh due to how the season has played out. It will be tough to fire him, so maybe they should agree to part ways and Harbaugh can pick a job in the NFL. Some team will definitely want him to coach and it may be a better fit for him anyway.

We have already talked about eight candidates that could take over if Harbaugh leaves, but it didn’t seem to make the faithful happy. There is still a big group of fans that want a certain former Buckeye coach to come save the program.

Wolverine fans he isn’t the answer.

Urban Meyer should not be hired at Michigan

Urban Meyer has proven to be a great coach and maybe one of the best in all of college football, but that shouldn’t matter. He isn’t worth it. Not in Ann Arbor, let someone else deal with him and his personality.

I don’t care that he used to coach at Ohio State, that doesn’t bother me. If the Wolverines hired Luke Fickell I would be fine with it (I think there are better candidates than him, but I would not be mad at the hire).

The problem lies in what kind of person Meyer is. His players have been known to get in trouble. They had a ton of arrests when he was at Florida. For every Tim Tebow he coached there were countless players that weren’t exactly model citizens.

But the biggest thing of all was the fact that he kept Zach Smith on his staff for so long. When he knew what kind of person he was and even helped him cover it up. If you believe Meyer when he said he didn’t know about what Smith had done, then you are blind to the situation.

Meyer also just upped and resigned from Florida when Tebow was leaving and they weren’t going to be any good. He then came back but again left to only sit and take the Ohio State job when it came open.

I am sure he has had some health problems as he lives and breaths football, but they seem to conveniently come up when his teams are struggling. It has happened more than once. I am not making light of any ailments he may have, but it just seems fishy.

Make no mistake Meyer can win football games, he has proven that. But is he the kind of guy you want leading the Wolverines? If Michigan football hires him, then it will have shown one thing — that winning trumps all.

By his actions, Meyer has shown that winning isn’t the only thing that matters. His morals are very much in question and he doesn’t exactly run a clean program.

I have been a Michigan football fan my whole life and want nothing more than to see the team win a national title, but not at all costs. There needs to be some integrity in it and done the right way. I am all for a guy who is dedicated and ready to push the players, but the right way.

Winning is the best feeling in the world and watching your favorite team win is amazing. But this isn’t the way to do it. U-M can find someone else.

Michigan probably needs to move on from Harbaugh, but Urban Meyer is not the answer. Winning should not be put above all else and hiring Meyer would show that it doesn’t matter.