Michigan Football: Wolverines must land 2020 DE Braiden McGregor

Michigan football has invested a lot of time on 2020 defensive end Braiden McGregor and after his rankings upgrade, it’s vital that the Wolverines get him.

When it comes to Michigan football and the 2020 recruiting class, the Wolverines obviously have a long way to go and a lot of work to do.

However, after Braiden McGregor made a huge leap in the 247 recruiting rankings Wednesday, taking him to the brink of being a five-star, the in-state defensive end is a now a must-land prospect for Michigan football for a few different reasons.

For starters, according to 247 sports, McGregor is now the top prospect in the state of Michigan when it comes to 2020, surpassing Justin Rogers, a five-star offensive lineman that is still the top prospect in the state according to the 247 composite rankings.

But regardless of that, McGregor’s jump all the way up to No. 27 in the 247 sports rankings should be a sign of things to come for the fast-rising defensive end from Port Huron, Michigan.

McGregor, who has visited Michigan football recently and is projected to commit to the Wolverines, was a solid four-star before the latest release, but his stock is rising and now we know how much.

Of course, this should come as no surprise to the Wolverines, who have made the defensive end a priority from the get-go and with the recent addition of defensive line coach Shaun Nua, Michigan football has made McGregor an even bigger priority

Once defensive line coach Greg Mattison left to Ohio State, the Wolverines knew that Nua would have some work to do with McGregor. Yet, after junior day and a visit paid to McGregor by Nua to watch the defensive end play some hoops, UM is looking good.

McGregor and Nua have built a good relationship and after a visit which included watching the Michigan basketball team beat Maryland, there were reports that the 2020 prospect and his family were “sold” on Michigan football.

Soon after that, the Wolverines became the favorite to land McGregor, as 65 percent of his crystal balls sit with Michigan. The other 35 percent are currently with Notre Dame.

But with a long way to go before signing day, nearly 10 months, there is a lot of work to do. McGregor is getting attention from other big schools like Ohio State, Alabama and Clemson to name a few, so Michigan football could still have a fight on its hands.

Not long ago, there was some thought that McGregor to the Wolverines could be a done deal relatively soon. Nothing concrete ever existed to back that up, it was just speculation and a feeling that I have to admit I shared.

At this point, I don’t know if McGregor will be committing anytime soon, but if I had to make a prediction — Michigan football would still be the pick at this point.

Certainly, that could change but what won’t change is the urgency with which the Wolverines will operate. McGregor is the top target they are projected to land and according to the 247 sports at least, he’s one of the top prospects in the state.

With the work, momentum, and proximity Michigan football has on its side with McGregor, at this juncture, losing him would be an absolute killer and seeing how he looks to one of the top pass rushers in the entire 2020 class, the Wolverines simply can’t afford to let him sign anywhere else.