Posted at 7:30am -- 2/17/2013 Michigan Football Recruiting: Sixteen Burning..."/> Posted at 7:30am -- 2/17/2013 Michigan Football Recruiting: Sixteen Burning..."/>

Michigan Football Recruiting: Sixteen Burning Candles — First Published Wishlist — The Candy Store is Open


Posted at 7:30am — 2/17/2013

Michigan Football Recruiting: Sixteen Burning Candles — First Published Wishlist — The Candy Store is Open

It has been stated that Michigan has 16 spots open for next year’s (2014) scholarship count. It has been stated that normal attrition and things that just happen will boost this number to around twenty.

There is one question, with two possible answers, or a mix of the two, that surrounds the initial discussion of a small class. That choice, or question, is should Michigan concentrate on balancing positions throughout the class, or simply go for the very best football players in the 2014 class, regardless if one or two position groups come out top-heavy or visa versa?

As the position groups across the board have all gained talent and depth, there can be more patience and a master plan more likely adhered to with success. Michigan is getting closer to the point to looking at a war room chart that sees the future three years out, as in the truly elite programs of America. Closer than previous, but not yet there, is a simple truth.

With the above in mind, what is Michigan’s initial plan for recruiting strategies in 2014? To get the seminal answer one must be in the staff room for strategy meetings regarding recruiting. GBMWolverine hired a fly to be on the wall, but he apparently got sat upon by one of Michigan’s coaches. So much for innovative ideas, and now GBMWolverine is on its own.

Let us just place the arbitrary number at 20 and proceed from that given.

The first question of recruiting class size almost always focuses on the quarterback position. The number projected for all years is between 0 and 2. In Michigan’s current state, after losing Denard Robinson, and having only two roster quarterbacks that have played limited time, the zero is eliminated and the choice becomes 1 or 2. With the small class size, one recruit certainly is possible, even likely. A second commitment may occur if other more prized recruits do not come to Michigan.

Related to the quarterback position is the other skilled position recruiting. This includes running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends. There are probably five or six spots for these positions in a perfect world that has a well-balanced class of 20. There must be at least two wide receivers taken to replace the losses of 2013 graduation and attrition. Two tight ends are very possible as Michigan is still not well stacked at the position. One is a certainty. Almost every Division One class takes at least one running back a year, and most of the time two or three is common. With the limited amount of scholarships one may be the final number, but two playmakers will never be turned down.

That leaves about three spots for offensive linemen. With the previous two classes this number would be sufficient. Coach Hoke has stated he requires 15-16 offensive linemen on the roster.

The defense is also given 10 recruits. Here playmakers will outscore balance as with the offense. Michigan currently has one recruit at linebacker and one at the defensive line. Coach Mattison is certainly placing emphasis on one or two premium edge pass rushers and maybe one more inside player. Linebackers can always use an infusion of two or three every year. This means at least one more, and perhaps two will be pursued.

The cornerback position has more depth than in previous years. Certainly the staff will sign one or two corners in 2013 and one or two safeties. So, about four linemen, two linebackers, and 3 or 4 defensive backs seems about right.

Special team kickers are currently in good shape, performance and number wise.

Now back to the fly: the fate was an occupational hazard, but Coach Borges recently sent out a pair of pants to a local drycleaner with a note attached that simply said “Disgusting.”

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