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GBMWolverine: Michigan Basketball — Discusses Darius Morris with FanSided Site LakeShowLife


Posted at 6:00am — 8/21/2011

GBMWolverine: Michigan Basketball — Discusses Darius Morris with FanSided Site LakeShowLifeLakeShowLife

Darius Morris was a big get for Michigan when he committed to Michigan two years ago. H was a three star, and so many immediately took outrage at Coach Belein not signing a big star of national prominence. But most Wolverine followers know Beilein has a really sharp eye for talent and how it can be adapted to a team’s structure.

There were many factors good basketball people liked about Darius’s commitment. Many like his size. He is listed at 6’4 “to 6’6” and was destined to be a big point guard. Darius is a sharp young guy and while he did not show much on the floor his first half of his freshman year, by the end of his freshman year it was obvious he would be the go to guy. For his size he controls the ball pretty well, but is only ok against full pressure, a condition not as prevalent in the pro’s as in college. Darius is very good at working off of picks and taking it down the middle. Pro’s run this classic set of course but not to the extent of Michigan and many other college programs.

Darius always stated his goal was the NBA and so he declared early. A pertinent question is whether or not this was a good choice. The verdict is undecided and his success could go either way. Darius is not a very good shooter outside of fifteen feet. He plays off the ball ok but was always challenged to become better in that part of his game. His foul shooting is good, very adequate, and his defense is about the same.

The verdict here is that Darius would have been better served to stay one more year. On our site we projected him as a mid-second round pick.

On thing that better change is maturity. Sometimes Darius begs fouls and argues about routine play. In the NBA a deaf ear will ensue. He is coachable but on occasion Coach Beilein had to sit him to get him under control. The good news is he responded well and got back in the groove quickly.

His passing runs between spectacular and unfundamental. Darius has a habit of throwing one hand passes for turnovers. He can get out on the fast break very well for a big guard and makes pretty good decisions.

One thing to watch out for: Darius gets to the rim but many times he does not finish, and he will not get to the line on light touches like in college.

So, Darius will compete for a roster spot. The Lakers scout well and clearly know his weaknesses, which begs an inference that the team is willing to give him a year or two to improve and become a roster contributor.

If our staff had to bet, we would put him on the good side of the 50-50 mark. But there is a little variable that may or may not come into play, the NBA strike.

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