What's at Stake for Michigan Football Players at the NFL Combine

December 31, 2022; Glendale, Ariz; USA; Michigan quarterback JJ McCarthy (9) throws a pass during
December 31, 2022; Glendale, Ariz; USA; Michigan quarterback JJ McCarthy (9) throws a pass during / Patrick Breen/The Republic / USA TODAY
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Kris Jenkins

Another player off of Bruce Feldman's freak list, coming in at no. 10, is Kris Jenkins. Jenkins is considered a second round pick right now but like Wilson has a chance to climb into the first round with a good showing this week. Jenkins is crazy strong and athletic.

He's a really good run stuffing interior D-lineman who has a chance to show off how athletic he really is. He also has a chance to show off his size this weekend. Jenkins who played at closer to 275 lbs two seasons ago bulked up to over 300 lbs this past season. A lot of people have a perception of him as a smaller lineman for his role and if he can weigh in at over 300 lbs that would ease the mind of a lot of NFL decision makers.

Mike Sainristil

The last player I want to highlight is Mike Sainristil. He's already gone down as one of the greatest Michigan football players of all time for his performance and leadership during his time at Michigan. NFL teams love his performance on the field but there are questions about his size and athleticism ahead of the draft.

Cornerback, more so than any other position, is very trait driven. Teams really value combine test results for cornerbacks and a tenth of a second in the 40 yard dash can be the difference between being a first round pick and undrafted. Sainristil is a little smaller than NFL teams would prefer at 5'10 182lbs. If Sainrisitill can weight in a little closer to 190 and have a good performance in some of the tests, specifically the 40 yard dash, he has a chance to really improve his draft stock. He played like a top-15 pick at Michigan, but he's going to have to answer the questions about his size and athleticism this week if he wants to be taken early in this years draft.

Full List of Michigan Football Players at the Combine

Here is the complete list of Michigan players at this year's combine along with their CBS Draft Prospect Rankings

  • J.J. McCarthy, QB (No. 32 overall, No. 5 QB) 
  • Kris Jenkins, DL (No. 59 overall, No. 6 DL)
  • Roman Wilson, WR (No. 79 overall, No. 15 WR) 
  • Zak Zinter, OL (No. 95 overall, No. 3 IOL) 
  • Mike Sainristil, DB (No. 106 overall, No. 12 CB) 
  • Junior Colson, LB (No. 124 overall, No. 11 LB) 
  • Trevor Keegan, OL (No. 128 overall, No. 11 OL) 
  • Blake Corum, RB (No. 132 overall, No. 6 RB) 
  • Drake Nugent, OL (No. 148 overall, No. 8 IOL) 
  • AJ Barner, TE (No. 157 overall, No. 7 TE) 
  • Cornelius Johnson, WR (No. 192 overall, No. 29 WR) 
  • Braiden McGregor, EDGE (No. 214 overall, No. 16 LB) 
  • LaDarius Henderson, OL (No. 239 overall, No. 21 OL) 
  • Trente Jones, OL 
  • Karsen Barnhart, OL 
  • Jaylen Harrell, DL 
  • Mike Barrett, LB 
  • Josh Wallace, DB