Two factors that could help Michigan football in the National Title game

The Michigan Wolverines have made it to the national championship. Fans of this football team have shed tears on social media, while players have shown excitement on and off the field after defeating Alabama in the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day. The most important game of this season takes place this Monday; let's review the two factors that can help the Wolverines in their matchup with the Washington Huskies.
Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan
Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan / Harry How/GettyImages

The offensive line of Michigan football

The elite college football programs always stress the importance of having a great offensive line. Great coaches understand to maintain a balanced and effective offensive attack, the quarterback needs time to throw and the running back needs holes to open for positive yardage. The Michigan Wolverines have a dominant offensive line, which is why this group has won the Joe Moore Award in 2021 and 2022.

The Joe Moore Award goes to the top offensive line unit in the country. Michigan football did not have its best offensive lineman in the Rose Bowl, but the unit still delivered outstanding results. The display of steadfast production led to Michigan scoring 27 points versus Alabama, which won the SEC championship. The Huskies have not faced an offensive line that plays with the same physicality that Michigan entails.

The rushing attack for Michigan football has been a staple for this team during the course of this season. When a team continually produces first downs on extensive play drives, the opposition begins to tire out. Time of possession can be a huge factor in this contest. If Michigan controls the clock after scoring points on extended drives, the Washington defense will have been on the field more than the offense.

This scenario will cut down explosive play opportunities and possessions for Washington while they're on offense. Remember that Texas scored 31 points and only allowed two sacks versus Washington. The aggressive nature of this offensive line could impose its will up front, allowing the Wolverines to sustain plus yardage on offensive drives. The offensive line could help the Wolverines if they control the time of possession in this contest; this set of circumstances could affect the outcome of this championship game.

The Michigan football secondary

The Wolverines' secondary has playmakers all over the field. They can talk tough and back it up with exceptional coverage. Against hated rival Ohio State, Michigan tallied two interceptions. In the CFP semifinal, Alabama did not have a receiver clear 48 yards. For context, eight different receivers combined for 116 yards on the field.

Dillon Johnson has scored 16 touchdowns for Washington this season, but he will not have a clean bill of health for this game because he is playing through a foot injury. His injury means Michigan can focus more on the passing attack than sending defenders to stall the run game. Washington has two receivers who are talented and explosive, but Michigan football has two safeties who possess high football IQ and speed to cover ground. Will Johnson has shown he can cover anyone when healthy.


This group has maintained composure against every ranked opponent this season; the secondary performed admirably under pressure in big-game moments. With the experience this secondary displays and the consistency that the Wolverines play with on defense, they match up considerably well against the explosive offense the Huskies contain.