Sherrone Moore has the formula to make Michigan football recruiting elite

In this article, I discuss the hires that Sherrone Moore has made, and what their effect on recruiting could be. I analyze what I think will happen to Michigan football recruiting due to these hires.
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It's no secret, college football is changing. Over the past few years, we've seen massive developments in the sport, none greater than NIL and the effects its had on the college landscape. NIL contributed to the retirement of Nick Saban, and probably to the departure of Jim Harbaugh. In my opinion, gone are the days of old coaches running the sport. College football is now for the young.

At just 38 years old, Sherrone Moore is exactly what Michigan football needs in today's recruiting landscape. He's already proven that he's willing to go the extra mile, as he's been on the road nonstop it feels like since taking the reins. It seems very likely that, in this era, Moore is going to have more success on the recruiting trail than Harbaugh could have.

While Harbaugh did have that enthusiasm toward recruiting when he first arrived at Michigan, it faded over the years, and Harbaugh turned into almost exclusively a closer. Moore will do more, which is why Michigan football fans should be excited for the future of recruiting.

Michigan football recruiting has a bright future under Sherrone Moore

But Moore isn't the only reason for excitement; just look at his hires: he promoted 37 year old Kirk Campbell to offensive coordinator. He promoted 26 year old Grant Newsome to offensive line coach. He hired 35 year old J.B. Brown as the special teams coach. 36 year old Steve Casula as tight ends coach. 33 year old Greg Scruggs. 39 year old Lamar Morgan. Seeing a trend?

The only two outliers are linebackers coach Brian Jean-Mary, who is 48 and known as an elite recruiter from Tennessee, and 61 year old Wink Martindale, who probably won't be very active as a recruiter.

Sherrone understands what Michigan football needs to be a competitive recruiting school; young, energetic coaches who know and love the recruiting grind. These guys are going to be able to connect so well with recruits, and Michigan football should benefit tremendously.

The only thing stopping Michigan from being an elite recruiting power at this point is NIL, and even that appears to be changing (slowly). Michigan football recruiting has been very underwhelming over the past few seasons, but it feels like we're at an inflection point. There's nobody I'd rather have manning the ship than Sherrone Moore right now. He understands what's needed from a recruiting standpoint, and he's going to put Michigan in the best situation possible.

The 2025 and 2026 classes are probably the two most important classes Sherrone Moore will have. If he can capitalize on Michigan's momentum, there is serious potential here for Michigan to become a dominant program, and maybe even a dynasty, but Sherrone has to win the recruiting battles that Harbaugh couldn't.


With the dead period over and visits beginning to happen, keep an eye out for any recruiting news. Coach Moore needs to get a few commitments this Spring to push Michigan in the right direction, and I think he'll get them. Stay tuned, go blue.