Rich Eisen shreds Michigan football rival Marvin Harrison Jr. in perfect fashion

Marvin Harrison Jr. announced that he would skip the NFL combine to prepare for the draft at Ohio State, and Rich Eisen, a Michigan football fans, absolutely shredded him.
Feb 10, 2022; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Rich Eisen appears on the red carpet prior to the NFL Honors
Feb 10, 2022; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Rich Eisen appears on the red carpet prior to the NFL Honors / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rich Eisen is a treasure, especially if you are a Michigan football fan. Eisen went to the University of Michigan and is a huge Wolverines supporter as you probably learned listening to his Podcast this past season.

Michigan football went undefeated this past season, in case anyone forgot, and defeated the Ohio State Buckeyes for the third straight time on their way to a 15-0 record, a third straight Big Ten title and a national championship.

For Ohio State, it was another disappointing season. Marvin Harrison Jr. is the best receiver in the country. Hell, I'll call him the best player in college football, which makes it hilarious that he went 0-3 against Michigan and never made it to Indianapolis, just like C.J. Stroud.

Harrison could have made the trip to Indy this week for the NFL combine but is reportedly skipping the combine in order to prepare to play football in the fall. It makes sense. The NFL combine is all about testing and Harrison isn't going to run a blazing fast 40.

Yet, it's clear that he's the best wide receiver to come out of college football in a long time. Hopefully, for Marv, he won't see Will Johnson lined up across him in the pros and he'll get a break for at least one season, but in terms of his draft preparation, Eisen had the perfect response to the news abut Harrison's decision hit.

Albert Breer reported that Harrison will skip the NFL combine. He also said Harrison Jr. is hoping that it will give him a leg up with his new team, to which Eisen replied. "Maybe it will help that he had December and January off too."


Harrison made the right call. He doesn't have a single thing to prove. Still, the response by Eisen was on point and just another reminder of how great the past three seasons have been for Michigan football fans.