Reliving the 2024 Rose Bowl win for Michigan football from six months ago

July 1st marks six month since Michigan's cinematic win on the grandest stage of them all over the SEC champion.
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4th quarter

Just 30 seconds into the 4th Jalen Milroe paved the way for Jase McClellan to capture his second score of the afternoon and the Tide went ahead. Michigan football desperately needed life and the defense gave it to them on Bama's next possession.

Milroe scrambled near the sidelines when Quinten Johnson caused Milroe to fumble the pigskin. Josh Wallace recovered and Michigan was in business, or at least that's what we thought. The drive flamed out and James Turner missed a field goal that would have cut the deficit to one with 10 minutes and 30 seconds to go.

Bama gained control and extended the lead to seven with another Reichard field goal. There was only 4:41 left on the clock and it looked like Michigan was going to draw the short end of the stick once again. That's when the magic happened. On fourth down with over three minutes remaining J.J. McCarthy connected with Blake Corum for a 27-yard gain. Michigan football fans gasped as there was a flag down, but it was an illegal block that occurred after the first down. The sigh of relief probably could be heard all the way back to Ann Arbor.

Two plays later a pass that will live in infamy went down. Dallas Turner tipped McCarthy's pass and the ball still made its way to Roman Wilson to get inside the 10 yard line. Wilson's next catch tied the game and the buzz in the stadium was at a fever pitch. Bama had one last shot, but punted to Jake Thaw who didn't secure the ball immediately, then regained his composure and was tackled instantly only to avoid a game-winning safety by Bama. Overtime then commenced.