Reliving the 2024 Rose Bowl win for Michigan football from six months ago

July 1st marks six month since Michigan's cinematic win on the grandest stage of them all over the SEC champion.
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3rd quarter

To the third period where neither team put points on the board. Michigan football only touched the ball twice during that 15 minute time span and did absolutely nothing with it. The running game went dormant, while both defenses started to impose their will until something had to give.

On two consecutive plays after the Tide had crossed the 50 yard line, former center Seth McLaughlin, who transferred to Ohio State, had back-to-back low snaps that effectively halted the series. It was a precursor of what would later be their ultimate demise in overtime.

Late in the quarter, Bama forced Michigan football to punt and that set up their drive to retake the lead heading into quarter number four. Things were starting to look bleak for the maize and blue as Bama seemingly seized the momentum at 17-13. Crunch time had arrived and the season was on the line for the winged helmets.