Preview & prediction for Michigan football vs. Alabama in the Rose Bowl

Breaking down the Rose Bowl for Michigan football and Alabama.
Pasadena Prepares For The Rose Bowl
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This is such a tough game to predict. Every metric in the book favors Michigan. Vegas has kept Michigan the favorite despite 73% of bets being on the Crimson Tide. Michigan has dominated its opponents while Alabama has struggled.

But it's Alabama. The Wolverines are going up against the greatest dynasty of all time, with some of the greatest recruiting classes of all time. It's an incredibly difficult matchup to predict. However, Alabama has been extremely lucky this season. They beat Auburn on an absolute miracle, beat Georgia in part due to some favorable calls and miscues, and very easily could have lost a number of other games.

Michigan is just the better team in my opinion. This team has gone through more than any other team in the nation and has come out on top every time. I can easily see this game going either way, but with all the history, the hype, and the news surrounding this Rose Bowl, I think the Wolverines come out on top.

I think that JJ McCarthy is going to have the best game of his career. While his stats won't reflect that, he's going to play excellent football. Donovan Edwards and Colston Loveland are going to have huge games, and Blake Corum is finally going to be unleashed in the playoffs.

On defense Mason Graham, Kenneth Grant, and Kris Jenkins are going to feast. Milroe is going to make some big plays, but also some big mistakes. I think there will be at least two interceptions. All in all, this is a low scoring affair, but Michigan comes out on top and heads to Houston.

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Final prediction? Michigan 24 Alabama 20. Go Blue. Beat Bama.