Predicting 3 highest-rated Michigan football players in EA Sports 'College Football 25'

Only two more months until the 10 year drought without a college football game is over.
Kirthmon F. Dozier/Detroit Free
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3. Colston Loveland

I'm going with Loveland over Edwards because he has better numbers and there may not be a better player at tight end in the entire land. Edwards could get the nod being the cover boy and that would be fine too. I'll say that Edwards gets an 89 overall, but again I wouldn't be surprised if he gets the red carpet treatment.

Loveland should be in the 90-94 area realistically, but EA usually graded hard in the past so he could be down a notch. The top rated freshman could be Andrew Sprague on the offensive line or Jadyn Davis. To me a player like Brady Prieskorn will be fun to play with because he is literally built for this.


As for those quarterbacks, I can see Alex Orji as around an 83 or less. His speed will be the trait to watch though. Jadyn Davis, if I had to guess could be as high as a 79 with major upside. It would have been interesting to see what a guy like Blake Corum would have been rated, but he'll earn a new rating in Madden 25 instead.