Predicting 3 highest-rated Michigan football players in EA Sports 'College Football 25'

Only two more months until the 10 year drought without a college football game is over.
Kirthmon F. Dozier/Detroit Free
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2. Mason Graham

Graham won't be far behind Johnson as the premiere defensive tackle prospect in the game. He belongs in the 90-94 range, with the ability to rise up fast as well. Graham feels like a 91 overall. His running mate, Kenneth Grant could be in the 85-89 range, making Michigan's defensive line easily one of the best in the game.

Mason Graham's power and strength rating should be high too. His edge pals should be in the 80's range along with Grant. The two combined are immovable objects and will be tough to run on in the game.

Ernest Hausmann and Jaishawn Barham will benefit the most from that. Perhaps the most fun part about it would have been seeing Jim Harbaugh on the sidelines. Witnessing his reactions to things would have been pure comedy, if EA chooses to add that feature in this new version.