New kicker Dominic Zvada will prove valuable for Michigan football

Teams that rely on good defense usually want a strong kicking game which made the addition of Dominic Zvada an essential one for Michigan football.
Arkansas State v Ohio State
Arkansas State v Ohio State / Gaelen Morse/GettyImages

Looking back at the Michigan football transfer portal haul from 2023, one of the most important names added to the roster was that of kicker James Turner.

Turner hit three field goals in the win over Ohio State, including one from 50 yards out that help make the difference. Ohio State missed a long field goal. Michigan football made one. If those two plays worked out the opposite way, it could have been a much different game.

Even if Turner just missed his 50-yard attempt, Ohio State only needs three points on that last drive and doesn't have to force the issue downfield quite as much. It would have changed the dynamic and that's why the kicking game is so important.

Michigan football adds transfer portal kicker

Michigan football knew it needed a replacement for Jake Moody last offseason and after watching the kickers struggle again this spring, it was evidence that another move needed to be made.

So on Friday, the Wolverines made one, adding Arkansas State kicker Dominic Zvada. Like Turner, Zvada is experienced. During the 2023 season, he was also money, missing just one field goal all season, which was blocked.

Another thing Michigan football has to love about Zvada is that he was 12-of-14 in his two seasons from 40 yards plus. That's incredibly accurate. That's a better hit rate than James Turner had last season as he went 6-of-9 from 40 yards and beyond.

When you don't have a great quarterback and are going to rely on your defense, as Michigan is expected to this season, you need a reliable kicker. Anytime you get inside the 30, that needs to be automatic points because the goal for the Wolverines offense this season might just be to score 20.


Zvada can help with that and that's why this is a major addiiton for the Wolverines, even if it's just a kicker.