My favorite wins all time vs each Michigan football rivals

The season is right around the corner and the Wolverines are getting hot on the recruiting trail. A recent recruiting win over Notre Dame prompted me to think of my favorite wins on the field all time against the Irish, Buckeyes and Sparty.
Michigan v Michigan State
Michigan v Michigan State / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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3. 2022 vs Ohio State

The Game in 2022 featured 11-0 Michigan football vs 11-0 Ohio State. Michigan had just beaten Ohio State for the first time in ten years the previous season. There was a ton of off-season chatter from the Ohio State program and fans about how 2022 was going to be different and that they weren't going to let the same thing happen in Columbus.

A lot of animosity combined with two really good football teams set the stage for one of the all-time Michigan football classics. The first half was two heavyweights throwing haymakers back and forth. Ohio State drove the ball down the field to score while Michigan hit big play after big play to score.

The teams went into halftime with Ohio State on top 20-17. The second half was a different story. One heavyweight came out tired and didn't have anything left in the tank while the other was better conditioned and kept on reigning down punches.

J.J. McCarthy hit Colston Loveland for a 45-yard touchdown catch to start the scoring in the second half. Michigan got a stop on defense and then used their Joe Moore award-winning offensive line to run the ball down the Buckeyes' throats during their next drive. (Oh yeah and Kalel Mullings showing off his arm hitting Schoony on the trick play). They marched down the field and set up a third and goal early in the fourth quarter. J.J. called his own number and rushed the ball in behind his offensive line into the endzone.

Michigan football took a 31-20 lead with the touchdown. On Ohio State's next possession, Mikey Sainristil came up with a clutch pass deflection that will always be remembered fondly by Michigan fans. Next, came the Donovan Edwards show. Most Michigan fans can still hear it in their heads now... "Here's Edwards with a lane... Donovan Edwards, down the sideline, gets past Ransom, Donovan Edwards... touchdown Michigan THE DON!" followed shortly by "Donovan Edwards... woah! Can they catch him? No! Donovan Edwards again... 85 yards THE DON!" Michigan took a 45-23 lead on Edward's second touchdown run.


CJ Stroud would be intercepted before the game was over and Michigan would leave Columbus with a 22-point win. Going into their house and handing out a whooping like that was about as sweet as it gets. Go Blue!