More disturbing Michigan basketball allegations, plus Jon Sanderson to Illinois

With more allegations coming out about how bad it was inside the Michigan basketball program, it feels like a move needs to be made.
Michigan v Penn State
Michigan v Penn State / David Berding/GettyImages

Things were ugly on the court for the Michigan basketball team this season, but according to a new report from The Athletic, the culture off the court has some troubling issues.

This isn't necessarily news. Jon Sanderson, the long-time Michigan basketball strength and conditioning coach resigned after an altercation with Juwan Howard. Sanderson claimed that Howard had to be "restrained" by players from trying to fight him.

On Friday, according to emails obtained by The Athletic, the allegations of abuse go even further. According to Sanderson, Howard "manhandled" his son Jett Howard and also threatened to slap him.

It's not clear if these claims were investigated. But the University of Michigan opened an HR investigation when Sanderson complained about the incident with Howard and cleared Juwan of any wrongdoing.

Then, about a week or so before the end of the season, Warde Manuel hired a third-party organization to investigate the culture of the program, which doesn't bode well for Juwan Howard, who is expected to hear about his future in the coming days.

This all feels like too much to move past. Forgetting all the problems on the court, it feels like the decision from Warde Manuel is clear.

Jon Sanderson hired by Illinois

Making matters worse for the Michigan basketball program is that Jon Sanderson, who has coached 30 players who have made the NBA, was hired by a rival, Illinois, on Thursday.

Sanderson was known for helping players add strength and develop. Now, Illinois is going to have one of the best strength coaches in the country, as if the Fighting Illini needed another advantage over Michigan basketball, which hasn't beaten them since Juwan was hired as head coach.


Again, Warde, it's clear what you need to do. It's time to act.