Michigan Wolverines news: Jett Howard defends Juwan, plus rivalry talk

Jett Howard defends Michigan basketball head coach Juwan Howard, his dad, plus the new Michigan State head coach talks the rivalry.

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There have been tons of rumors about Michigan basketball head coach Juwan Howard and a reported incident between him and strength coach Jon Sanderson.

After the win over Iowa last Sunday, rumors started flying that there was a physical altercation between the two coaches. That proved to be false and Jett Howard, a former Michigan basketball standout, and the son of Juwan Howard, came to the defense of his dad.

Howard also called out some of the false reports and rumors about his dad with a post on X.

“Before y’all make any speculations about something know the full story. Grown men acting like middle schoolers spreading false rumors/information and trying to degrade another man. Grow up, hella childish.. He ain’t hit no one either, stop with the bs,” Howard said.

Sanderson filed an HR complaint over the matter, which is still pending. There will be a report that goes to Warde Manuel and he'll make a decision about whether or not Juwan violated the zero-tolerance policy that was put in place after the Wisconsin incident in 2022.

Howard is supposed to resume his duties as the head coach on Saturday against Eastern Michigan. We'll see if coach Sanderson is there too, but it would be best if these guys could bury the hatchet moving forward. Yet, according to a report from Sam Webb of the Michigan Insider, it sounds like Sanderson questioned the authority of Juwan and I'm not sure that's tenable moving forward.

New head coach adresses Michigan football-Michigan State rivalry

Jonathan Smith is no stranger to in-state rivalries. The former Oregon State head coach was part of a game called the "Civil War" and also played in the Oregon-Oregon State rivalry.

There's probably a bit more hatred between Michigan football and Michigan State, but that's just one man's opinion. Smith was asked about the rivalry between the Michigan Wolverines and the Spartans recently and here's what he said via On3.com.

“Let’s face it, there is an in-state rivalry,” Smith said. “I appreciate in-state rivalries. I think those things are meaningful. It’s a great thing about college football to have a rivalry like that… That will mean a ton.”

The Michigan Wolverines have won two in a row over the Spartans, including a 49-0 beatdown last season in East Lansing. Michigan State is only one of two protected games on the schedule for Michigan football moving forward.