Outlook on Michigan football RB Recruiting With Tony Alford

In this article, I examine the recent hire of Tony Alford, and what that will mean for Michigan football recruiting, looking at some updated targets for the Wolverines.

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Iverson Howard

Ranked as a borderline four-star, Howard is a Michigan football lean who Mike Hart was targeting. Howard is expected to visit Ann Arbor this Spring, and it wouldn't be shocking if he committed to the Wolverines. While Tony Alford will have to build his relationship with Howard, Michigan sits in a good spot.

The biggest wildcard here will be Tony Alford. All indications are that Michigan and Alford will continue to pursue Howard aggresively, but what if Alford decides he'd rather look elsewhere? Other schools to watch out for are Maryland, Penn State, and Georgia. This is definitely a recruitment to watch as Howard begins to take visits.

Jordon Davison (CA)

This is an interesting one to watch. Davison is a huge target for Ohio State, and following the departure of Alford there was some smoke that Davison could have interest in Michigan. Davison is ranked as a four star on some sites, and a five star on others. He'll be a huge land for whoever he chooses to commit to.

While Davison is a California native, Alford is no stranger to national battles. He pulled Treyveon Henderson out of Virginia, nearly got Bijan Robinson out of Texas, got J.K. Dobbins out of Texas, and more. This is definitely a long shot, but there's some potential here, and this is definitely one to keep an eye on.