Michigan football vs. Michigan basketball

Austin Rivers put Twitter (X) in a frenzy yesterday when he claimed 30 NBA players could play in the NFL but 30 NFL players could not play in the NBA. Who, if any, Michigan players from either side could play in the opposite sport?
Michigan Basketball Introduces Dusty May
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The sports media blessed us with a hypothetical yesterday that can never be proven but will be argued for days by everyone who sees the quote. Sports media doing what sports media does best by causing all of us rabid sports fans to argue about something with no solution. However, we have all done this on the back porch with our friends at one point or another and it fascinates us sports fans to think about some of our favorite athletes suiting up in a different sport. Let's take a look at some players from the Michigan football and Michigan basketball teams who may have a chance to play the other sport. Also, just so everyone is clear, this is meant to be fun and not taken too seriously.

Michigan Football

Colston Loveland has been a superstar on the gridiron since his freshman year with Michigan football. His athleticism, strength, jumping ability, and hand-eye coordination make him a perfect candidate to play power forward on the basketball team. He's going to give you at least 10 rebounds per game and going to be a physical defender who is going to make the guy he is guarding work hard. Slot him in at the 4 in my starting lineup

Will Johnson is the type of athlete who has been the best at everything he does since he was a little kid. He was the best player in high school, he is arguably the best player on the Michigan football team this year and he is most likely going to be a top 10 pick in next year's NFL draft. Will likely has what it takes to be an impact player on the basketball court. I have always thought that cornerbacks are the best athletes in all of sports, so as long as he can handle the ball a little bit, I like his chances.

Kendrick Bell has a chance to be a big time contributor during his career at Michigan as a wide receiver. Kendrick was a high school basketball player and his older brother, Ronnie, was a high school basketball standout. I am the youngest brother of three and I know that having older brothers who were good athletes themselves made me a better athlete. I am confident in Kendrick's ability and competitiveness as Ronnie's younger brother give him the ability to excel on the basketball court.

Michigan Basketball

Vlad Goldin is going to get the first roster spot on the Michigan football football team. He will be the secret weapon on the PAT block. His height combined with his athleticism makes him the perfect candidate to block a PAT or field goal attempt. I also wouldn't be surprised if he were able to make an impact at defensive end every now and then as well.

Will Tschetter is a high energy, athletic, team oriented guy on the basketball court. He would be able to use his size and strength to make an impact on the football field. He would fit in perfectly as a sam linebacker or an edge rusher. Will is a great communicator and I have no doubt he would be making all the checks on the defensive side of the ball.

Jace Howard is the perfect amount of athletic while not being overly skilled that make him the perfect candidate for the football team. Jace comes from a basketball family and was blessed with some incredible athletic genes. Jace seems like the kind of kid who would be ultra physical on the football field and play with a reckless abandon. Slot him on the defensive side of the ball and watch him pile up the tackles.


We have some exciting teams to look forward to this year on the football field and on the basketball court in Ann Arbor. Big ten champs in both?? Who says no? Go Blue!