Michigan football trying to steal away Ohio State running backs coach

New Michigan football head coach Sherrone Moore is trying to steal Ohio State's running backs coach.
Mar 7, 2024; Columbus, OH, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes running backs coach Tony Alford works with
Mar 7, 2024; Columbus, OH, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes running backs coach Tony Alford works with / Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA

There have been rumblings that Sherrone Moore and the Michigan football program were on the verge of making a big addition to the coaching staff, to replace Mike Hart, but on Wednesday, we finally found out who the Wolverines are targeting.

Sam Webb of The Michigan Insider reported that the Wolverines were targeting a coach that would be a "jaw-dropping" hire. I had no idea who that was, but Football Scoop reports that Michigan football is close to a deal with Tony Alford, the Ohio State running backs coach.

"Tony Alford, whose nine-year run at Ohio State is the longest of his career, is the target to join his current employer’s biggest rival, FootballScoop has learned. A deal could be reached as early as today if the parties come to an agreement sources shared."

That would be a jaw-dropping addition. I'm sure that Alford would get a title such as assistant head coach or something along those lines, but this would be a massive addition for Sherrone Moore. Folks were concerned after the departure of Mike Hart, not only on the recruiting trail but for what he brings on the developmental side of things. Yet, hiring Alford would alleviate those concerns.

Alford has been coaching running backs since 1995 in college football. He's been with Ohio State since the 2015 season and spent the previous five seasons at Notre Dame. It would be a home run hire for Sherrone Moore and another shot across the bow at Ohio State.


The Buckeyes have had a big offseason, but if the Wolverines were able to steal away one of Ryan Day's trusted assistants, it would taint that "offseason championship" just a little.