Michigan Football tight end preview for the 2024 season

Colston Loveland has a chance to be the best tight end in the country next season. However, he isn't the only guy who will play a major role in this offense next season.
Michigan v Michigan State
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Michigan football has always had strong and productive tight ends come through the program. Recently, we have seen a stretch of Devin Funchess, Jake Butt, Nick Eubanks, Erick All, Luke Schoonmaker, and now Colston Loveland. The tight end position holds a lot of weight in the offense because of the necessity to be not only a pass catcher but a blocking tight end as well. Michigan loses A.J. Barner from last year's team, and even though Barner was a key piece to a national championship offense, I don't expect this group to skip a beat.

Michigan football enters the 2024 season with Colston Loveland as the clear No. 1, and Marlin Klein as the number two. Zack Marshall will most likely be the third tight end on the roster. Colston was an early bloomer and broke onto the scene his freshman year. He scored the go-ahead touchdown in Columbus and then the opening touchdown in the Big Ten Championship. Colston has a unique combination of speed, strength, body control, and hands. He moves like a wide receiver but blocks like a tackle. He tallied 45 catches, 649 yards, and four touchdowns during his sophomore season.

What to expect from Michigan football tight ends in 2024

The offensive staff constantly is raving about Colston and the fact that he may not have even met his full potential yet. The second guy on the depth chart is Marlin Kelin. Marlin was born in Germany but finished his high school playing years in Georgia. He is 6'6 250 pounds and many believe he is primed to have a big season. The big bodies at tight end are crucial for this offense because of the lack of size at wide receiver. Colston is going to give our quarterback a safety blanket and also will provide the explosive plays. Marlin is going to step in and provide a big body to help the offensive line and also provide a big play in the passing game from time to time, similar to A.J. Barner.


This group is going to be fun to watch this year. We know we have the best tight end in the country in Colston Loveland and we have a new contributor in Marlin Klein to look forward to seeing how he fits into the offense. I think these two are going to work perfectly together and Michigan football will once again have one of, if not the best, tight end rooms in the country. Here's a throwback video to Loveland taking one to the house vs the Buckeyes.