Michigan Football: Thank you for the championship season of memories Team 144

The 2023-24 Michigan football season is history and the winningest program of all time are college football's National Champions once again.
Aaron J. Thornton/GettyImages

On August 21, 2023 the Athletic department self-imposed a three game suspension on Jim Harbaugh. About three months later the Big Ten ruled he would not be able to coach the final three games of the regular season. Harbaugh accepted both without much of a fight and what followed was the single greatest moment in modern day history.

From the first snap against East Carolina on Peacock to the final kneel-down with Washington, this season has been an absolute blast. It featured Michigan football being on the CBS network for the first time since the 80's and getting showcased on NBC in primetime. It also included Sherrone Moore becoming the first African-American coach to win "the game" in Michigan history.

There was the three-interception J.J. McCarthy game, the Roman Wilson catch on a Nebraska's defender's back, the shutout of hated Sparty, Sherrone Moore's postgame interview at Penn State, the Zak Zinter injury, and the classic Rose Bowl showdown that will be tattooed in the mind's of Michigan football enthusiasts everywhere.

They won the most games in 144 seasons and in the Big Ten. Blake Corum will be mentioned in the same breath as Tom Harmon, Jaime Morris, Mike Hart and more. JJ. McCarthy is the winningest quarterback to ever play here. Mike Barrett has won more games than anyone who has ever worn the winged helmet. That's mind boggling and something he can proudly carry for the rest of his life.

The accomplishments don't end there either. 1,000 wins, more than anyone anywhere. The only thing missing would be a Heisman winner, but this Team is exactly that and as Bo said it best, "no one man is greater than the team." The Team, The Team, The Team. Those words were echoed like a broken record and couldn't mean more than ever today.

The closest margin was six and the widest deficit was 49. The offense averaged 36 per contest and the defense didn't allow more than 10 a game. Maryland and Ohio State scored the most at 24, compared to 1997 which also did the same in their win over Iowa. In fact no one scored more than 16 besides that victory.

The time is over now, but the work just begins to repeat in 2025. Jim Harbaugh has every right to leave if he wants and the program will be in great hands under Sherrone Moore. If Harbaugh stays, then he should get a statue next to Bo and every coach on the staff gets a well-earned pay raise.

From everyone past or present who has watched a Michigan football game on television or in person at the Big House, we say Thank You Team 144. You made our dreams come true of being there for years cheering on the maize and blue as they run out of the tunnel, sing The Victors, and storm the field in victories over Ohio State.


As corny as it may sound some people's lives depend on every Saturday in the fall at the Big House. There's not a word stronger to say than thank you for this indescribable moment. So once and for all, Thank You. You are the National Champions of college football!