Michigan Football surging with elite running backs on recruiting trail

In this article, I look at the impact that Tony Alford has had on Michigan football running back recruiting, looking at elite recruits who are visiting the Wolverines.
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Michigan football hosts a 5-star running back

Last, but certainly not least, the Wolverines are currently hosting top 100 running back Jordon Davison, out of Mater Dei in California. Tony Alford deserves 100% credit for this one. The Wolverines were not a competitior in this recruitment, but upon hiring Alford immediately became one.

Alford had the Buckeyes in the top tier of Davison's teams, so the hiring of Alford immediately made Davison interested in the Wolverines. It'll be hard for Michigan to land a California kid, but with west coast teams now being a part of the Big Ten, I think we'll see more west coast kids being open to the midwest.

Texas is currently the favorite for Davison, but this visit could go a long ways to putting Michigan into the mix. This is definitely one to keep an eye out for, as Davison is a phenomenal prospect.


Tony Alford is making running back recruiting into what it should be at Michigan. There is no reason that the Wolverines shouldn't be the top destination for running backs. Their system is a running backs dream, and that shouldn't change under Sherrone Moore. Look for any updates regarding any of these players soon.