Michigan football star Will Johnson on Alabama rumors: 'That's all CAP'

Will Johnson and his family responded to rumors about the Michigan football star leaving the program for Alabama.
Jan 9, 2024; Houston, TX, USA; Michigan Wolverines cornerback Will Johnson poses with College
Jan 9, 2024; Houston, TX, USA; Michigan Wolverines cornerback Will Johnson poses with College / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If Michigan football retains all of its star players heading into next season, then the Wolverines will remain formidable in the Big Ten and on a national scale.

Some opposing fans might not agree with that, but to any objective observer, Michigan football is loaded for bear on defense and up to this point, not a single starter has entered the transfer portal since the hire of Sherrone Moore.

Keon Sabb, a key contributor as a non-starter last season with 28 tackles, two interceptions, and four pass breakups, entered the portal last week and left Michigan football for Alabama.

Michigan fans have been worried about others joining Sabb. Mason Graham, Will Johnson, Kenneth Grant, and Colston Loveland are all potential first-round picks. Johnson is the best cornerback in college football and was the defensive MVP of the national championship game.

However, there have been some rumors about Johnson going to Alabama. He's tight with Domani Jackson so that's probably where it started but Will Johnson, through his father, put an end to the rumors.

"Alabama… As William, put it to me, ALL CAP,” Deon Johnson, Will’s father said via EJ Holland of The Wolverine.

If you aren't familiar with the term "blue cap" it means it's a lie and Johnson is saying that rumors of him leaving Michigan for Alabama are false. Deon Johnson also told Sam Webb of The Michigan Insider that Johnson was working hard to get Keon Sabb to stay.


That doesn't sound like someone who's going to leave, especially after what he's achieved already as a Michigan Wolverine.