Michigan Football Recruiting: Where Wolverines Stand with Five Stars

In this article, I look at some five-star recruits that Michigan football is currently recruiting, and talk about where the Wolverines stand in those recruitments, offering insight and analysis.

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3. OT Andrew Babalola (KS)

Babalola has a visit to Michigan scheduled for March 22nd. This is a recruitment I'm very excited to observe. With Sherrone Moore at the helm and Michigan's tremendous success at offensive line, it seems natural that the Wolverines would land the best OL recruits. That hasn't necessarily happened yet.

With Babalola, I think that could change. While he is from the south, he doesn't have a strong home town school like many other southerners do. Being from Kansas actually gives the Wolverines a better opportunity here.

Sherrone Moore and Grant Newsome are two elite recruiters. If they work together on Babalola, it's very possible that Michigan football could land the five-star. This is one to definitely watch, especially as his visit approaches.

These are the three five stars that Michigan has the best chances with currently. It's important to note that the Wolverines are pursuing a handful of top 100 prospects who could become five stars, so this list is not exhaustive.


It will be very interesting to see how Sherrone Moore's first cycle as head coach goes. The 2025 class is extremely talented and the Wolverines are in on many top talents. Keep an eye out for more recruiting news.