Michigan Football Recruiting: Where Wolverines Stand with Five Stars

In this article, I look at some five-star recruits that Michigan football is currently recruiting, and talk about where the Wolverines stand in those recruitments, offering insight and analysis.
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2. WR Kaliq Lockett (TX)

At first glance, this seems like a long shot. It's incredibly hard, almost unheard of to steal a five star from the heart of the south, especially considering the fact that the Longhorns are improving and moving to the SEC. It looks even crazier when you consider that Lockett is a wide receiver, not necessarily a dominant position for the Wolverines.

However, Michigan football has a shot here. According to ON3, the Wolverines are in second place in this recruitment currently, trailing only Texas. Ron Bellamy has done a phenomenal job with Lockett, and a competitive NIL pitch could give the Wolverines an opportunity here.

Lockett does not yet have a visit set for Michigan, I do expect him to visit at some point. The big wildcard here is Sherrone Moore. Moore hasn't hosted a big recruiting weekend yet. The Wolverines have had issues with closing on recruits recently, so it'll be interesting to see if Sherrone can turn that around and be more aggressive in that regard. The Wolverines definitely aren't the favorite, but they can win this recruitment.