Michigan Football Recruiting: Intel on Top Remaining Prospects

Michigan Football Spring Game
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Michigan football trending up with 5-star offensive tackle

With Andrew Babalola, Michigan football has really made up ground and is neck and neck with Stanford for the five-star offensive lineman. While Babaloa has no real timeline for a commitment, the general belief is that he could commit before the end of the Summer. Michigan has continued to chip away at Stanford's lead and has a real shot at securing his services.

That is one to watch for, as Babalola is the only five star the Wolverines have a real shot at. Michigan just needs one final push,

Lastly, there is Nathaniel Owusu-Boateng. I currently view this recruitment as a Michigan vs Notre Dame battle. Unfortunately for Michigan, the Irish are hot on the recruiting trail and have a better NIL plan. However, Michigan has been improving on the NIL front and knocked it out of the park on Boateng's visit.

I think that Michigan football had the lead following his visit. Now it's up to the staff to make sure that visit high doesn't wear off. They need to be doing everything they can to land Boateng. Michigan has a serious need at linebacker, and missing Boateng would be a bad loss. Definitely keep an eye out for any updates on Boateng.


All in all, there are plenty of top recruits that Michigan can still land. This class is by no means complete, and should be in the running for a top 10 ranking. Keep an eye out for any news, go blue.