Michigan Football Recruiting: Intel on Top Remaining Prospects

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Many top prospects remain on the board

And the staff should be feeling some pressure to land them and make up for some of their misses. Top 100 recruits like Andrew Olesh, Andrew Marsh, Andrew Babalola (Michigan loves their Andrews), and Nathaniel Owusu-Boateng remain uncommitted, and Michigan football has done a great job with all of them.

While Olesh has delayed his commitment, the current expectation is that he will make an announcement the week of July 8th. With Alabama having just received a tight end commitment, it's tough to see the choice not being Michigan if he does decide this coming week. Florida has been trying to make a push, but it feels like Michigan should be able to beat the Gators. Now, Florida did steal an elite recruit out of nowhere from the Wolverines last year (Aaron Chiles), but Michigan appears to lead here.

Michigan leads with top 100 wide receiver Andrew Marsh, who is expected to announce a commitment in August. Marsh is currently expected to attend Michigan's BBQ at the Big House at the end of July, so Michigan will have a chance to really lock down Marsh. All indications are that this is Michigan's recruitment to lose.

However, with Dakorien Moore shockingly committing to Oregon over in state Texas, you've got to wonder if the Longhorns could circle back to Marsh, who is a Texas native. While the Longhorns lead for two other five star receivers, this could be something to keep an eye on. For now, this one looks good for Michigan