Michigan Football Recruiting: Intel on Top Remaining Prospects

Michigan Football Spring Game
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After a hot streak, Michigan Football's recruiting seem to be cooling off significantly. The Wolverines have seen many of their top prospects commit to other schools recently. Just in the past few days, JaDon Blair committed to Notre Dame and linebacker Kamar Archie committed to Rutgers. You heard that correctly, the reigning national champions lost a top recruit to Rutgers.

Along with that, Michigan football has been losing some steam with other recruits. Elite cornerback Shamari Earls is expected to commit to Georgia, and elite tight end Andrew Olesh delayed his commitment. Although Michigan appears to be holding onto its lead for Olesh, his delay is concerning.

All of this happening as other Big Ten schools are bolstering their elite classes. Just this week, both Ohio State and Oregon have added a five star to both of their classes. Oregon pulled an absolute shocker and landed the nations top receiver in Dakorien Moore, while the Buckeyes landed five star linebacker Riley Pettijohn.

In the new Big Ten, Michigan football is going to have to recruit like an elite program. Classes ranked from 15-20 aren't going to cut it. Michigan needs to be in the top 10 every year if it wants to remain atop the Big Ten, and there's no reason the Wolverines shouldn't be able to do that.

With that said, there are still some reasons for optimism in the recruiting world. Let's take a look at some of them.